Built on the land of the indigenous people of the Chahta tribe, Slidell Masjid of Al-Islam is one of the oldest masajid in the state of Louisiana.

It is only appropriate for this mosque to be led by Imam Haqq, who identifies as an indigenous Muslim, whose commitment to truth and justice are qualities with which he continues to lead and inspire his community with.

As an elder of both the Muslim community and the Chahta community, Imam Haqq has witnessed some of the most painful, as well as most transformative, times in United States history.

Formerly a member of the Nation of Islam, he transitioned his family and the mosque to traditional Islam in the 1970s.

Imam Haqq and his beloved wife, Sister Theonette, were fiercely active in the fight for civil rights and continue to push for equity and integration in the Slidell community. Their unwavering commitment to caring for and supporting people within the community- whether they are Muslim or not- continues to remain strong.

This is evident in their dedication to open their doors twice monthly to nearly 200 families within the community who are in need of food assistance during these difficult times.

“My hatred for injustice and racism is what led me to Islam” – Imam Haqq

Imam Haqq is a Slidell native, with the majority of his family living in the neighborhoods surrounding the Slidell Masjid. He considers himself an indigenous Muslim because his Islamic teaching are rooted in and tailored to the local community.

Imam Haqq grew up in the South during segregation. His experiences ignited within him a passion for justice and equality- which he believes is what led him to Islam.

Islam at its core combats and eradicates racism and injustice, and this is too what Imam Haqq strives for as the leader of the Slidell Masjid of Al-Islam.

Imam Haqq and Sister Theonette’s generosity and warmth are best reflected in the atmosphere they’ve created at the masjid; anyone who walks through the doors feels welcome and valued.
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